TANGO ART: DRAWING                                         KAREN KUCHARSKI


charcoal, 24x34" 

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Charcoal is a wonderful tool for creating the allure of the milonga atmosphere with its smoky greys, hot whites, and silky shadows. There is a mixture of detail and exaggerated areas. The Artist stays true to her expressive style. The following drawings are medium to larger sizes, up to 40x32 inches.


 Verso, charcoal, 37x24"  



El Aeroplano, charcoal, 36x24"



   Couple, charcoal, 36x24" 


   Song of Birds, charcoal, 40x32"  


Vals, charcoal, 40x32"


Flight, charcoal, 40x32"

Key West Tango, charcoal, 25x20"

Spotlight Tango, charcoal, ~20x25" 


Corner Tango, charcoal, 21x33"   

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