TANGO PAINTINGS                                     KAREN KUCHARSKI 

ChantimistTango; acrylic on panel, 20x16"

Midnight Blue Tango; acrylic on panel, 9x12

In the Heat of the Dance; acrylic on panel, 28x22"

Tango Light Series: Capturing the Heat of Tango 

Celestial Tango; acrylic on panel, 16x20" ...with irridescent blues and gold

Red Electra; acrylic on panel, 16x24"  SOLD

There are layers of paint and accents to these paintings.  A glossy finish adds shimmer to the works ...

Tango Light Paintings

Red Glow of Tango


Un Momento de Oro (Sold)

    Each Painting is acrylic on canvas, 8x4 feet; unframed.  The texture of the canvas is an important part of the images and adds to the method.

    Partnering of the Arts: Paintings onstage with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and Quartango at Artpark, in Lewiston, NY    August 2008   


Tango Slices; acrylic on five panels, 96x75"

Buffalo Tango Festival 2007

Featuring: the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra & the Tango Slices




Tango; oil on canvas, 11x9  (Private Collection) 


To purchase original art or reproductions, please contact the Artist. 

EMAIL: hello@tangomyheart.com


Sizes and images may vary slightly from web view.


Tango Passion I and II, diptych, each panel is 8x4 feet

Featured onstage in "Tango para Todos," Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

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