Argentine Tango


Fall 2017 Schedule

Endicott Performing Arts Center, 3rd Floor Studio
102 Washington Ave., Endicott, NY  13760
Use Marquee Doors on Washington St.  If locked, call "Tango Doorbell"..607-217-8731
Bring dancing shoes and BYOBev

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Area Interests:
Endicott, Johnson City, Binghamton, Owego, Triple Cities, Broome County Arts, Tioga County, New York Tango
Latin Dance, Swing Dancing, Salsa, Carousel, Go!, Argentine Tango!

CLASS, PRACTICA, & MILONGA (Social Dancing):

Singles & Couples Welcome!

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Bring your own beverage and take it with you when you leave.

Bring dance shoes if possible to minimize tracking dirt or water onto dance floor, especially in rain or snow.

Build a community by dancing with both familiar and new dancers.

During practica, it is up to each person to invite others to dance, usually for that entire set of songs, or "tanda."

As in milongas (social dance), songs are grouped together into "tandas" with a break ("cortina") in between, 

       which gives dancers a chance to rest or change partners.

It is customary in milongas or practicas to finish dancing together when the Follower says, "Thank you."

It is customary after dancing for the Leader to escort the Follower off the dance floor.